i am migi.
ativandal is the title of my solitary musical venture.
my band mates are little blinking boxes of plastic, metal and wire.
i write dark pop songs, animating them with found sounds, looping guitars, ukuleles, synth and voice.
melbourne, australia is my home.

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upcoming live performances

Previous events

Eclectric Album Release with Brian El Dorado & the Tuesday People, Ativandal, Monique DiMattina

The Worker's Club, 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3056

Celebrating the release of Brian El Dorado's diverse new solo album Eclectric! This is a Saturday matinee show. Tix are $10

Brian El Dorado & the Tuesday People/Ativandal/The Elementals at Cherry Bar

Cherry Bar, AC/DC Lane, Melbourne, 3000

I'll be supporting Brian El Dorado who is out to promote his magnificent new release Eclectric at the famous Cherry Bar in the Melbourne CBD. Special guests The Elementals will also perform.

Ativandal, John Doe and the Shallow Graves, Meeka Kates, Eric McGrath at Open Studio in Northcote

Open Studio, 204 High Street, Melbourne 3070

I'll be performing with some fantastic Melbourne songwriters at the cozy Open Studio Bar in Northcote. $5 bucks at the door. Best show in town for chump change!

Ativandal, John Doe and the Shallow Graves, Off To Battle

The Boogie Man Bar, 160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067

I'll be supporting the delightfully dark John Doe and the Shallow Graves with special guests Off To Battle in the Northern Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford for my first long set since moving to Australia in September.

MIG FUCKS OFF TO OZ! Featuring Ativandal, Long Hallways, Orchards, Laugh at Linus and Fozberry Flops at Plew's

Plew's Brews, 8409 N Lombard, Portland, Oregon

Yep, I'm outta here. Going to take on life with my wife in the gorgeousness of Melbourne, Australia. I'll probably be back someday but for now, I must bounce across fluffy clouds to my new home at the bottom of the globe. So, I'm inviting all of my friends and family to send me off proper with a night of fantastic music, beer and a performance by yours truly on stage at Plew's in Portland's St. Johns neighborhood. This is a free show and it's 21+ over.


too long spark, Tofujitsu, Those Manic Seas, Eryn Woods at the Empty Glass in Charleston WV

The Empty Glass, 410 Elizabeth Street, Charleston, West Virginia

My first gig in the Charleston and the state of West Virginia! I'll be playing with my good friends Tofujitsu.

Age limit: 21+


Dam Sensmore, too long sparks & Outer Space Heaters at Slim's in PDX

Slim's, 8635 North Lombard Street, Portland, OR

Crazy good free Saturday night show in St. Johns.

Age limit: 21+


too long sparks at the Festival of Dark Arts in Astoria

FT George Brewery, 1483 Duane Street, Astoria, OR

I'll be performing a 90 minute set in the Lovell Building Showroom at Ft George Brewery from 7pm to 8:30pm during their Festival of Dark Arts (A Carvival of Stout).


Middlewav, too long sparks, Patrick Galactic, The Various Moods Of & People Under The Sun at Deadbeat Records in Olympia, WA

Deadbeat Records, 226 Division St NW, Olympia, WA

Beautiful, indie folk rockers Middlewav join too long sparks for a performance at Olympia's Deadbeat records. Show starts at 4pm

Age limit: All ages

East Trip April 2015 

I'd like to thank Sean Richardson and the music community of Charleston, West Virginia for making me feel welcome in their beautiful city. I've missed performing in such an enthusiastic and supportive music scene. I made some new friends and soaked up some of that southern hospitality everyone talks about. It's no myth. Folks were amazing. Thanks also to Pittsburgh and the Blue Moon bar for a great couple nights. We will be back!



Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Hope you're fat and hungover and ready for more holiday abuse.
I'm currently booking shows for the winter from Seaside, Oregon to Port Townsend, Washington with as many stops in between as I can manage.
Check back for updates and join my mailing list! xxoo

my studio is a functional disaster 

I've been focusing lately on ukulele based songs partly because I love the compactness of the instrument and also because it has a much different character than the guitar. Who am I kidding? I love gigging with it because I'm lazy and it's small.  I'm developing songs right now that I can perform live using only the ukulele, a loop pedal and a few effects pedals. I'm getting some pretty good layers with this relatively minimal setup, using a newly added octave pedal to create some new textures. I'll have the results of my labor up on the site soon.